Shocco's Future

Your Legacy

Did you know that you can continue supporting Shocco until Jesus returns?  We call it “Legacy Giving” – because we believe that God has called us to live a life that outlives us. The goal isn’t to live on earth forever, but to leave something that does. Legacy Giving is a deeply personal and effective way to support our ministry. Legacy gifts make a meaningful difference in our ability to offer a unique place for our guests to hear God speak in memorable ways.

That is why we are thrilled to share with you that we have partnered with The Baptist Foundation of Alabama so anyone that has a heart for Shocco can have access to Legacy Planning Coaching. This service is provided through our ministry partnership at no cost to you or any obligation. Through just a few phone calls, their Coaches can guide you through a discovery process that will consider your assets, the people and the ministries that you hold dear. They will help you think through all of those overwhelming issues like probate and taxes and will address tools such as wills, powers of attorney, and advanced medical directives.

Consider a Legacy of Generosity

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Click on the button above to sign up for a phone call to see if this service would be a blessing to your family.

“Our heart’s desire is for others to benefit from this wonderful ministry. The team worked with us and after getting to know our family, they were able to help us put together a plan that fits our desires and matches our values.”

Cory and Wendy Horton