Bazooka Ball

Bazooka Ball is perfect for the diverse group where some participants may not want to play paintball, you are limited in time, or you do not want to deal with the mess of paintball. Bazooka Ball is a very high-paced venue where players experience fun group play with dozens of nerf-type balls constantly whizzing by until the game has ended. Players never have to sit out very long before they are back in the middle of the action.

  • $80 per group for 30 minutes (9am until dark) / $85 per group for 30 minutes (dark until 12 midnight)
  • 10 person minimum
  • 35 person maximum per 30 minute session – Groups larger than 35 should book additional 30 minute blocks appropriate to their group size.
  • Ages 6 and Up
  • Available all year during appropriate weather, both day and night
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