Are you ready to experience Shocco’s newest team action-packed game?  GellyBall is a mid-impact shooting game where players aim at opposing team targets using lightweight blasters that launch hydrated gel orbs.  Games are scored by targets and scores are shown on a screen inside our Bazooka Ball barn (where GellyBall is played).  GellyBall is a great activity for groups with participants ages 8 and up and especially those that want the thrill of Paintball but not the mess!

  • $80 per group for 20 minutes (9am until dark) / $90 per group for 20 minutes (dark until 12 midnight)
  • 10 person minimum
  • 20 person maximum per 20 minute session – Groups larger than 20 should book additional 20 minute blocks appropriate to their group size.
  • Ages 9 and Up
  • All participants must wear closed toe shoes and safety masks (provided)
  • Available all year
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