High Ropes

The High Ropes Course is a series of challenges ranging from 25-45 feet above the ground. The challenges available include climbing, high wire traverses, bouldering cave and the zip line. The Mid Cable series is an adventure course designed to boost self-confidence and foster a sense of unity and encouragement among groups. Participants traverse across multiple cable and log bridges ranging from 15 to 20 feet off the ground before exiting the course on a 300′ zip line.

  • $12 per person for 1 hour sampler (sampler includes zip line, bouldering cave and climbing wall). Participants will have the opportunity to do up to two activities depending on group size. (Ages 6 and up / 10-25 people)
  • $18 per person for 3 hours (Ages 12 and up)
  • 15 person minimum/ 35 maximum for 3 hours
  • Groups over 35 people may require multiple sessions
  • Available all year, both day and night
  • Participants should wear closed toe shoes and clothing appropriate for climbing and other various ranges of motion.
Suggested Activities