Celebrating God’s Amazing Work at Shocco!

From Russell Klinner / Executive Director

Greetings from Shocco!  From our staff and board, I want to thank you for supporting our ministry through attendance, donations, and prayers.  I want to share a little insight into my first summer as director at Shocco.  As we began the summer, it was apparent that Satan had plans different than mine.  Our new Bazooka ball facility was delayed drastically due to rain, Bagley Center’s 1st floor HVAC unit died, an inside cooler in the kitchen went out, our new trail buggies kept breaking, and the planned pool repair ended up delaying its start date.  My first summer as director just did not go as I planned, imagine that!

Late in July it all caught up with me, I began to ask God where we had gone wrong, where are we missing it?  Are we being effective?  In the next week, two events refueled my spiritual tank. This summer many of you have prayed for us as we intentionally focused on our staff and their spiritual well-being. We did a study together in the book of James. I prayed all summer for our staff and one person in particular. At his departure toward the end of summer, I felt like I let him down and his time at Shocco might have been unfruitful. That next afternoon as I was talking with others, he walked by and wanted to talk with me.  He and I had a divine intersection with God to discuss the Gospel that afternoon.  God’s Word always bears fruit!

That same week we hosted Camp Happy Days, a camp for kids currently or formerly in care of DHR.  After fervent prayer and through God’s plan, we had 107 kids at camp.  The last night of camp, 30 kids accepted Christ as Savior.  Prayer works.

Through these divine appointments, God reminded me that it’s not about the physical challenges, the broken air, and delayed pool opening.  It’s about providing an environment where He can eternally change lives!

During summer, we had over 22,000 guests on campus.  22,000 people had the opportunity to encounter God in a meaningful way. This summer has taught me two spiritual life lessons that will follow me throughout life as we follow God’s leadership.

  • Difficulties will lie ahead as we follow God’s plan.
  • No matter the outcome, God will be glorified in the process.

Thank you for praying for us as we seek to provide this place for God to impact lives!