Over 65 years ago, Shocco Springs was founded with the mission to provide a distinctly Christian environment for spiritual transformation and renewal. Every day we see how God continues to bless this life-changing ministry, allowing us to provide meaningful opportunities for people to learn and grow in their walk with the Lord.

In 1947, the Alabama Baptist Convention began a strong foundation of faith when they purchased Shocco Springs. Each year since then, thousands of people, churches, organizations, and groups have added their strength to that foundation. For this we will be forever grateful.

Since those early years, over 1.6 million individuals have attended an event at Shocco Springs and over 69,000 people have reported making a decision for Christ while on our campus. To God be the Glory!

A foundation, however, cannot stand without support. Those who generously provide us with support by praying for and donating to our ministry help allow us to continue carrying out the vision and mission on which we were founded.

A gift, no matter how large or small, has the power to impact lives for eternity. If you would like to invest in the mission and vision of Shocco Springs, we ask that you would prayerfully consider doing so through one or more of the following ways:

  • Commit to Prayer

    Faithfully pray for the ministry of Shocco Springs. We believe in the power of prayer!

  • Endowment Contribution

    Make a contribution to the Shocco Springs Endowment fund. All donations are added to the principal investment of an endowment account held at the Baptist Foundation of Alabama.  The principal of this account will remain intact while the investment earnings may be used in a variety of ways to help sustain the future of Shocco Springs.

  • Invest in Capital Improvement

    Make a financial contribution to invest in campus improvements that will have a long term impact, helping to maintain and expand our facilities to better meet guests’ needs.

  • Scholarship Funding

    Donate to our scholarship fund to provide opportunities for those less fortunate to experience God at Shocco Springs.

  • Missions Funding

    Help us to expand the reach of our ministry through mission projects, both local and abroad, by contributing to the Shocco Springs Missions Fund.

  • Volunteer

    Volunteer your time to serving along side us.

To make a tax-deductable donation online, please visit our donation page.

To learn more about charitable giving opportunities or for more information, please contact Wendy Westerhouse at 800.280.1105 (or by emailing or Rodney Bledsoe (334.394.2025) or Joey Hocutt (334.394.2022) at the Baptist Foundation of Alabama.

We pledge that any investment in Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center will be guided by our Board of Trustees as you designate.