Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my church group to Shocco Springs?

Yes, absolutely! We would love to have you bring a group from your church to experience Shocco. Whether it be a youth group, your small group, senior adults, women, the church staff, or any other type of group you’d like to get together, we would love to host you!

We host many different kinds of events. To learn more about the different types of events you could plan with us and the many ways you could experience Shocco, please visit our Experience Shocco page.

To book your event today, contact us or visit our booking page.

What amenities are provided in your lodging rooms?

Amenities vary slightly depending on the building and specific room.  With the exception of bar soap, basic toiletries are not provided.  Most rooms do not have televisions or phones.  While not typically available in rooms, a limited number of irons and hairdryers are available at the Hospitality Desk free of charge. Mini fridges and coolers are provided in a limited number of rooms and are also available for rent at the Hospitality Desk, costing $15 for the duration of your stay. Towels may or may not be provided depending on group contract and time of year. If forgotten, towels are available to rent at the Hospitality Desk for $8 per set.

For more specific information about what will be provided during your stay, please contact your event organizer or give us a call at 256.299.0350.

Can you accommodate my food allergy or dietary restriction?

Yes, we do our best to accommodate all food allergies and special diets as long as we know about them in advance. Our Food Service department is experienced in serving those with food allergies as well as special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free and they will work with you to determine the best way to serve you during your stay.

Do you have handicap accessible rooms?

Yes, we do have a limited number of ADA handicap rooms that are dispersed throughout our lodging facilities.  If you are in need of a handicap room for your stay, please let us know when booking or making your reservations. If you are not necessarily in need of a handicap room but have walking difficulties, please specify this as well so we can work to best accommodate your needs.

Do you allow pets?

No, we do not allow pets.  Services dogs are allowed as defined by ADA if proper certification can be provided.

Is wireless Internet access available on your campus?

Yes, complimentary wireless access is provided on the majority of campus. All lodging buildings on main campus have wireless access. At Adventure Camp, wireless access is only available in the Isbell Activities Center, Gilbert Dining Hall, and Weaver Chapel.

Will my cell phone pick up reception on your campus?

Yes. The only major cell phone service provider we are aware of that does not provide adequate coverage of our campus is T-Mobile. All other major wireless carriers should receive excellent service. Both Verizon and AT&T typically receive 4G coverage in our area.

Can I have my wedding at Shocco Springs?

Sorry, we do not book weddings at our facilities. We only host events booked by nonprofit and Christian organizations.

Can I book a birthday party/ baby shower/ family reunion at Shocco Springs?

Sorry, but we are unable to book personal events. We only host events for nonprofit and Christian organizations.

How much does it cost to book an event at Shocco Springs?

Our rates vary based on a number of factors such as which facilities you would like to use, how many nights you will be staying, how many people will be staying in each room, how many total people are in your group, how many meals you will be eating with us, etc. For that reason, the most accurate way for us to give you an estimate is for you to contact us and tell us a little bit about what you have in mind for your event. We will be happy to give you an idea of how much the event would be. (If you aren’t sure of all the details yet, that’s fine! We will still do our best to give you an estimate based on what you’re interested in.) Either give us a call at 256.761.1100 (or toll free at 1.800.280.1105) or send your inquiry to us online using our booking page. If you would just like a basic rate estimate to give you a general idea of our rates, you can get one here. We look forward to hearing from you!