Horeb Baptist Church | August 2014

As Shocco Springs employees, we find ourselves getting attached to our guests quite a bit. They are so much more than our customers. We serve them and partner with them in ministry. We work together with group leaders to point their people to Jesus and His saving, redeeming, and sustaining power. Together we have the privilege of watching Him change lives. It is such a blessing that sometimes you just have to wonder at God’s grace in allowing you to work at such a place.

Having this relationship with our guests means that more often than not, they become friends and family. For the Labor Day weekend, we were blessed with a few such groups, one of which was a last minute addition. Horeb Baptist Church from Gretna, Louisiana, was supposed to go to a camp closer to home but because of an increase in interest among their members, they had to look for a bigger place to hold their family retreat.  Shocco just happened to have space available for the holiday weekend. A six hour trip might have hindered some groups’ attendance, but instead Horeb’s continued to climb until they showed up with 176 out of about 300 members from two congregations.

Even though they were a last minute addition, they quickly became part of the Shocco family. They were warm and welcoming and the love of Christ was evident in their fellowship. One of their members even brought beignets from New Orleans to one of our desk workers. This was not Horeb’s first time at Shocco as they had stayed at Shocco during the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav, even doing some work around campus. It was a pleasure for Shocco to welcome them back under better circumstances and to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s times like these that Shocco can be just a glimpse of heaven where we will be able to fellowship with Christians from different backgrounds, places, and even times, all because of our one common interest, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Because of our love for Him, I suspect it may feel much like running into long-lost family like this Labor Day with not only our friends from Louisiana, but with all of our other groups as well.