Team Building

Challenge Your Team

Team Building can help your group break down personal barriers and remove distractions by providing hands on experiences that encourage individuals to contribute to collective goals. Let Shocco motivate your group to work together to develop their strengths and address any weaknesses through our customized team-building experiences.

Low Ropes Course

Although inherently fun, our low ropes course is designed to challenge and grow your team. With an abundance of challenge obstacles available to our facilitators, we are able to tailor your time with us to reach your desired goals. You can also take your team to new heights by checking out our high ropes course!

Groups over 50 people need to make special scheduling and program design arrangements with the Recreation office.

Building Challenges

Building Challenges provide a great simulation to problem solve and generate solutions in a timely manner. When adversity arises, there are fruitful and unfruitful strategies to pursue solutions. Through brainstorming and teamwork, participants will be challenged to build one of these options below. Productive teamworking skills are encouraged and reinforced in the problem-solving process.

Meeting Spaces

Having time to “debrief” is a necessary part of team building and will be incorporated into the activities selected to continue developing your team. Often times, groups may need additional time to work through implementing change. We offer a broad array of meeting spaces to serve your needs while it is fresh on your mind.

“I love Shocco dearly. I hope and pray that it will be a blessing to many who come after me.”

Frank Jones, Hunter Street Baptist Church
Suggested Team Building Facilities and Activities
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