AV / Event Services / IT

Shocco Springs has an Event Services department dedicated to making sure your conference space is set up to meet your needs. Our Event Services Team offers audiovisual services as well as conference room setups including chairs, tables and staging.

For standard services and charges, please view the pricing tables below. For more information, please contact our sales department or your event coordinator.


Audiovisual Equipment
LCD Projector
DVD or Blu-ray Player
Standard PA
Includes mixer, two mics, two speakers, cables, stands (additional cables may incur costs)
Weaver Chapel, Stephens Center or Bagley 1300 Options
Sound System
Lighting System$50
Ricker Worship Center or Main Chapel Options (options may require AV tech)
Sound System
Lighting System$100
Extra Microphones$5 each
Drum/Instrument Microphones (includes up to 4 mics)$10/mic
Wireless Microphone (includes 1 mic)$25
Gaffers Tape (per roll)$25
Media Cart (included with equipment rental)$25
Audiovisual Technician Fees
1 Technician $40 per hour
Each Additional Technician$20 per hour

Event Services

Table SizeUp to 4Over 4
30″ x 72″ Rectanglecomplimentary$7.50 per table
60″ Round$10 per table$10 per table
Portable Staging
4′ x 8′ sections$75 per section
Entire 20′ by 40′ Stage$750
Pipe & Drape
Individual $10 per section


Complimentary wifi is located in central campus and select buildings at Adventure Camp (Isbell, Weaver and Gilbert Dining). Additional data services are available upon request.

Additional Information

Movement of certain equipment to, including, but not limited to staging, tables, etc. between buildings will incur a remote set-up fee of 20%.

Any installed equipment MUST be requested in advance in order to be used, otherwise the needed equipment may not be in ready-to-use condition.

Each conference room is allowed up to 4 complimentary tables, not transferable between rooms.

Any equipment (audiovisual or tables) requested on check-in day may result in a convenience fee. (Example: Table–regular $7.50, late request $15)

All prices listed are valid through December 2023.