Watoto Children’s Choir | January 2015


Recently, we had the great privilege of hosting members of the Watoto Children’s Choir. For this special group from Kampala, Uganda, Shocco Springs was just the first stop of many. These 18 children and their chaperones stayed with us for a time of rest and rehearsal as they prepared to begin a six month choir tour. For most in the group, this is their first trip to the United States, so something as simple as being served a pizza lunch during their time here turned out to be a new and exciting treat.

This group was truly a pleasure to serve. Knowing the circumstances these children have come from (many orphaned by AIDS and war) and seeing their constant joy is such a testament to our great God and the work he is doing through the ministry of Watoto Church.

For the next several months, Watoto Children’s Choir will be traveling and performing throughout the United States to share their hope and raise awareness for their ministry. If you have the chance to see them, we highly recommend going! We are certain you will be blown away by their joy-filled performance, as we were.

You can view their tour dates here. This specific group’s dates are listed in pink.

Read the article about their stay in The Daily Home Newspaper.