Tent Camping

If your group is looking for a more natural camping experience we now have 8 camping sites for tent camping with restroom facilities nearby. Each site can accommodate 2 to 3 average-sized tents. The sites are close to our trails near Adventure Camp. Bathrooms and water supply are available at our RV Park Bath House nearby. Water is coming soon to the camp sites, but not yet available. Trash cans are available at Site 1. Have all the fun of tent camping with the convenience of the Shocco Springs facilities.

Bring your own tents and stay for $5 per person per night.

Campsite dimensions are as follows:

Site 1 – 12 ft x 15 ft

Site 2 – 16 ft x 16 ft

Site 3 – 20 ft x 20 ft

Site 4 – 14 ft x 12 ft

Site 5 – 15 ft x 15 ft

Site 6 – 15 ft x 12 ft

Site 7 – 12 ft x 10 ft

Site 8 – 12 ft x 15 ft

Campfire rings are located at site 1 and between sites 3 and 4.

We can come light your campfire for a $35 fee or we can provide a bundle of firewood (8-10 per bundle) for you to light for $5 per bundle. You may also provide your own firewood for your campfire at no charge.

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